State of the Free Press 2023

by Adam
Project Censored 2023
State of the Free Press 2023
The News That Didn’t Make the News—And Why

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“Project Censored holds corporate news media accountable, ensuring that the issues most critical to our collective well-being—including climate change, poverty, racism, war, corporate profiteering—get the attention they deserve.”

SONALI KOLHATKAR, author of Rising Up: The Power of Narrative in Pursuing Racial Justice


Presenting the year’s most significant independent journalismincluding reports on wage theft, fossil fuel subsidies, and dark money–State of the Free Press 2023 highlights issues and voices marginalized by the corporate press.

State of the Free Press 2023 casts a wary eye on the billionaire tycoons who own more and more of the nation’s most prominent news outlets, the digital tech titans who increasingly control the flow of information and the terms of public debate, and government agencies that aspire to “govern disinformation” in the name of national security. The volume’s diverse contributors advocate for press freedom and critical media literacy as means to hold power accountable and to promote a more just and inclusive society.

Balancing critical analysis with optimistic vision, State of the Free Press 2023 shows how to distinguish trustworthy journalism from slanted news and clickbait infotainment.

Educators: The Teaching Guide for State of the Free Press 2023 is available here.