Guilty of Journalism The political case against Julian Assange

by Adam
Kevin Gosztola's Guilty of Journalism,

Guilty of Journalism

The Political Case Against Julian Assange

By Kevin Gosztola
Foreword by Abby Martin

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Guilty of Journalism, by investigative reporter Kevin Gosztola, provides an essential guide to the case against WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange and the deeper stakes for the future of a free press. This is an unprecedented case where the US government has charged a publisher with violating the Espionage Act in an attempt to silence them.

Gosztola fearlessly investigates the political motivations, legal abuses, and cynical maneuverings that have kept Assange captive and subject to inhumane conditions. Exposing angles of the case that will never be discussed in an open courtroom—including the historical roots of the CIA’s war against Assange and WikiLeaks and the  prosecution’s reliance on a serial liar and criminal sociopath as a key informant—Gosztola meticulously documents how state and private actors have colluded to punish a journalist fiercely committed to transparency, truth-telling, and uncovering the secrets of the powerful. The stakes are high—not only for Assange, but also for journalists everywhere and for democracies that depend on a free press.

Advance praise for Guilty of Journalism

“Essential reading for those who care about freedom of expression and elementary justice.”

Noam Chomsky

“Kevin Gosztola is a rare journalist who understands the abominable threat that the case against Assange poses to press freedom. I rely on his indispensable reporting not only to stay informed about Assange, but also to follow developments in the wider war on whistleblowers.”

—Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistleblower

“Quite simply, the finest work on the subject.”

—John Kiriakou, CIA whistleblower and author of Doing Time Like a Spy